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Please kindly check my first-ever-published online portfolio out! All pictures were taken during celebration of BEM IKM FKUI Anniversary 2014. Feedbacks are welcomed.



long time no blogging yet right now i got something i need to spread out to the world that i can’t resist to keep it by myself. well sounds so bitchy or maybe cheesy or uncool or whatever, but got no proper friend to talk this out. lemme talk everything here.

this is all about a guy my friend showed me to. this might sound creepy or disgustin but i’m crazy. i haven’t been like this feeling before. like seriously have i ever had a goosebump and cold hands when meeting a guy? well no. have i ever made to come to a match to a guy i like and that match is nothing matter to me; moreover got any exam on the next day? no. have i ever been waiting til night falls in a field accompanying my friends and acting like im doing finishing my study then i'll go home to ACTUALLY waiting for that guy to appear on the field? no. all of these impossibilities i couldn’t imagine before is striking me right now.

it was all started since a social event held by one of my faculty held. starting from the event and still on going, the me who was really so “what for?” to visit one of an organization room in my campus, nowadays can be seen forever staying in the room. thanks to the guy.

somehow i’m really grateful to (well it’s so cheesy that im really trying to avoid speaking that out) fall... with this guy. like im becoming really passionate in exploring my capabilities in scope other than academics stuff and the small scope of international class. i literally feel like wanting to show to everyone in the campus that I could contribute to lots of campus’ stuff and be active and achieve lots of achievements. well, he is somehow an indirectly motivation.

i hadn’t met this guy since his last match on this biggest event of campus. i attempted to visit this “room” like everyday to at least see him or maybe “hi kak”. been counting the day of not seeing him; it was about 2 weeks or month maybe (hahahah sounds so weird that i remembered the length of time).

literally today, i was in a great bad mood in which i felt like no respect was given to me as a head of a program. like this friend cares nothing. what makes me feel even worst is that they got friend to support, while i don’t. honestly i feel like haven’t met anyone that will ever be loyal to me; like will help me in every case, listening to all my stories, making me feel accompanied like i'm not the loneliest person in the world and world will get better if i got you on my side, as well as changing my mindset of “hating everyone”; in this campus. sometimes i’m just so jealous with one of my friends who got a boyfriend and friends on her side that will literally support her and so lucky with her score, yet never grateful.

to end this up quickly. as usual, i attempted to visit the organization room, feeling in the absent form and trying to be productive. as night goes by, I remembered that today is friday, meaning that i might see him on the field. yet i hope nothing big due to a quite long time of his absence in my sight (shit, what the fuck is that stuff im bursting out?). well, it was 8 pm, packing my stuff and going out of the room. walking down the stairs…. and wait up…. who the hell is that person?
you know that unprepared feeling to perform on a stage? that was the feeling. it was so sudden.

it passed so quickly like so usual, so “nothing special happened”. but, I thank that moment.

that ended my bad day at campus with a short “hi kak” and whispered happy “SHIT!” out of my mouth.

it was such a... climax.


Jakarta and Its Surrounding Area Tourists Guide

i just arrived from singapore today and this trip truly made me realize that indonesia, even jakarta, is way better than singapore. for example, i went to marine life park which is said that it has the biggest aquarium in the world. at the first journey, while walking around this aquarium, i saw indonesia's richness. damn!!! seriously guys. frankly speaking, we have the most beautiful, colorful, gorgeous, even the biggest amount of fishes of them all. oh don't you believe in me? you can prove it by yourselves (just believe in me for god sake).

i've gone to singapore for many times - not too many, but more than one (not to be arrogant), but i think this one was really inspiring. i don't know why this suddenly popped into my mind, like how i thought singapore looked like jakarta and many more. i think jakarta needs ONLY to improve these things to be worth proud-able: citizens, traffic, environment (includes rubbish), and self-awareness.

there should've been more tourists, from all around the world, to come to jakarta this day. although those things can't be fixed in a short time - ikr, jakarta has a lot of tourists attractions worth visited. i have to admit that singapore is really creative and brilliant in pulling the tourists to come. the people follow the rules and they aren't afraid to rebuke the rules breakers. that's why i feel jealous of singapore.

btw imma list up all the things in this post so you guys, i hope, might be curious to visit jakarta - i'll also list up some cool places located outside jakarta but it still can be reached with car in less than 6 hours from jakarta.

none of jakarta folks doesn't know about this attraction. we have this cool edutainment! although this attraction made for kids, but this attraction still can't block its amazement. i'm 15 right now and probably too old for this stuff. to tell you the truth, i still wanna visit and play in kidzania.

it's located in pacific place mall, 6th floor, south jakarta. this attraction lets the kids to do some adults jobs. they can be a fireman, doctor, racer, presenter, adventurer, dubber, actor, radio announcer, designer, baker, electrician, cashier, lawyer, police, and many more. there's also a disco, university, and bank. you guys gonna be given a debit card and check. kidzania has a currency called kidzos - i've already had 900 kidzos yay. you can shop with your kidzos or use them in the factories. there're a lot of factories here, like ice cream, noodles, cookies, and mineral water. the limit age of kidzania is around 3-17. seems interesting?

dufan is the biggest theme park in jakarta. it's located in ancol dreamland complex. tbh this park is totally crowded. so that i prefer to buy "premium" ticket. it's like the fast track of dufan. obviously it's much more expensive than the regular one. it costs around rp. 300000/person or usd 30, while the regular costs around rp. 125000/person or usd 12.5. but believe in me, once you pay for the premium, it's gonna be worth it.

remember, dufan is freakin' crowded. trust me, if you pay with the regular cost, you'll only ride 2 booths for 5 hours. you'll get some privileges if you're a premium customer: you don't need to queue - you're gonna be prioritized, you'll have a lounge to rest - the parents can relax here while their kids are playing, and also you can play a booth for many times - for example i wanna ride the big wheel for 5 times, your dreams gonna come true.

pantai segarra/segarra beach
it's also located in ancol dreamland complex. actually, ancol has many beaches. but i prefer this one for sunbathing. the others are too crowded.

this beach is so sterile. you can't bring mattress, food, and drink. too many conditions? no. the beauty of the beach gonna be more enchanting if you follow the conditions.

gelanggang samudera
it's located inside ancol dreamland complex. if you wanna watch some animals shows: seals, dolphins, belugas, and many more. there's also a 4d attraction here.

sea world
it's a complex of sea miniature located inside ancol dreamland complex. it keeps a lot of colorful sea creatures of indonesia and others. there's a moving horizontal elevators where you can observe big sting ray, shark and other fishes under the aquarium. you can touch some fishes in some area too. 

waterbom pantai indah kapuk
it's located in north jakarta, quite near from ancol. it's a big water park. jakarta has a lot of water parks, but i prefer this to visit. in my opinion, this park is not too hot and also not too crowded. it has various exciting slides. you should try the excitement someday.

kota tua/old jakarta
all of the old buildings in this site look admiring. but, there's something really important needs to be fixed to enhance the beauty of the site, which is the criminals. you should be careful with your precious, like phone, wallet, or jewelries, while coming to kota tua.

but don't worry, outside that problem, this city is beautiful. this city keeping tons of histories of indonesia from the colonial era. it also has some museums. there's fatahillah museum which collecting lots of stuff used in the colonial era. there's also mandiri museum. the building used to be a bank and collecting stuff related to old banking activities.

my dad also said that there's a kinda trip around kota tua but it's usually held at night. well if you like 'creepy' atmosphere, you may try it. however, kota tua also offers ontel (oldies bike) service to go around kota tua at the day.

monas/national monument
it's the mascot of jakarta. it's a tall monument which is located in central jakarta and it has gold on the top of it. this monument has a museum on the ground floor. this museum tells the history of indonesia. if you wanna see the whole jakarta city, you can go by lift to the top of monas.

monas also has dancing fountain which dances every saturday and sunday, at 19.00-19.30 & 20.00-20.30. it's usually crowded. but if you're okay with the crowd, i think that's not a problem.

bundaran hi/hotel indonesia roundabout
i prefer you guys to visit this monument while "car free day" is being held. anyway, car free day is usually held on the weekend. there's no car and motorcycle allowed on certain roads. only bike and transjakarta bus allowed. in this special occasion, the road from bundaran hi to monas, and vice versa, is free from car and motorcycle. then it'd be better if you go to bundaran hi and say 'hi' to patung selamat datang (welcome statue).

taman mini indonesia indah/beautiful indonesia miniature park (literally translated)
it's a culture-based recreational area located in east jakarta. tmii consists of various parts: venues of indonesian provinces (models of each of the houses from indonesian provinces), religious buildings, gardens and parks, technological centre, museums, theaters, monuments, halls, buildings and other exhibits, rides, recreation facilities, lodgings and restaurants. i think i should give out the map.

situ babakan
it's a lake and surrounded with betawi culture, located in south jakarta. you can fish here, you can ride a sorta boat but you need to ride it like riding a bicycle - idk what it's called, and you also can try some betawi foods.

for those who don't know betawi is, it's a calling for one of indonesia's ethnic groups.

gedung gajah (elephant building)/national museum of indonesia
this museum isn't collecting anything related to elephants. this museum is called as 'elephant' because there's an elephant statue stands in front of the building. it's collecting archeological, historical, ethnological, and geographical objects.

it's located in jalan medan merdeka barat, central jakarta.

tugu proklamasi/proclamation monument
this monument is located in jalan proklamasi, central jakarta. the monument was constructed on the site of indonesian proclamation (declaration) of independence in 17 august 1945. the monument featuring the statue of indonesian first president, soekarno, reading the indonesian proclamation of independence with vice president, mohammad hatta.

sky rink jakarta
for those who like ice skating, you guys should come here. it's located in taman anggrek mall, west jakarta. 

taman menteng/menteng park
it's located at jalan raya hos cokroaminoto, menteng, jakarta pusat. it accommodates more than 30 species of ornamental plants. taman menteng also has various supporting facilities, such as a playground for children, indoor soccer field and basketball court. in addition, 44 pieces of infiltration wells were built in the garden area as rain water uptake. 

tebet is one of jakarta teenagers favorite spots for hanging out, eating, or shopping at some distros (distribution outlet). it's located between kampung melayu and casablanca, south jakarta.

the origin of kemang was a quite betawi kampong but it has been gentrified into an expatriate residentials. it is now a bustling area known for its international-oriented facilities such as traditional craft retails and night clubs. nevertheless, some of the original kampong still exists behind the high-class residentials.

jakarta has plenty of malls, yet i will shout out worth-visited-malls:

1. grand indonesia (central jakarta)

it's located near to bundaran hi. this mall is so big that even crossing bundaran hi. if you want indonesian souvenirs, just go to alun-alun on the 3rd floor.

2. itc kuningan (south jakarta)

if you wanna find some cheap prized clothes you can visit itc kuningan. it a bit looks like lucky plaza in singapore.

3. pondok indah mall (south jakarta)

this mall is quite big and always enlivened by visitors. 

4. sarinah (central jakarta)

it's the nation's first air-con shopping mall. here, you will find all the clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, housewares, artwork and souvenirs. a must visit is to level 4 where you can find batik creations and level 5 which specializes in indonesian artwork and souvenirs.

5. pasaraya blok m (south jakarta)

the entire floor of this mall is dedicated to batiks and handicrafts (a better destination than sarinah in central jakarta, though perhaps a tad pricier).

6. plaza senayan (south jakarta)

it's located on jalan asia afrika near the gelora bung karno stadium. plaza senayan has 2 major department stores as well as high-end boutiques.

7. cilandak town square (south jakarta) & la piazza (north jakarta)

these malls offer a plethora of eating opportunities.

in addition, jakarta also has lots of salons, spas and fitness centers. we have abundant facilities.

now, in this part, i will write down the places which located outside jakarta - located in west java and banten - you need to visit.

taman wisata mekarsari/mekarsari fruit park, cileungsi, west java
taman wisata mekarsari is one of the biggest biodiversity conservation centers of tropical fruits in the world, especially indonesian fruits. it takes 1.30 hours from jakarta via toll road. but, remember about the traffic jam, it may take 3 hours to go there. but don't worry, my advice is you should go earlier in the morning. it usually opens at 08.30 until 16.30. you only need to bring rp. 15000 on weekday and rp. 20000 on weekend/public holiday.

it's equipped with various tourism facilities, such as family garden, recreation lake, baby zoo, melon greenhouse, outbound, kids fun valley, falls building (puri tirto sari), and many more. you can go around mekarsari by a train. you also can pick the fruits by your own and bring them home.

for your information, taman wisata mekarsari has some economy packages. there's 'paket belimbing' or 'star fruit package'. it costs rp. 35000/person on weekday and rp. 40000/person on weekend. it includes outbound and train. there's also 'paket durian' or 'durian package'. it costs  rp. 98000/person on weekday and rp. 100000/person on weekend. this includes 10% discount for garden center - this is where you can pick the fruits and vegetable by your own, discount for the souvenirs, greenland tour, outbound, train, and banana boat.

taman safari/safari park, bogor, west java
indonesia has 3 safari parks which are in west java, east java, and bali. the west java one is the nearest from jakarta. it usually takes 2 hours to go there. but, it may take 4 hours to go there if there's traffic jam. so just like my earlier advice, you should go earlier in the morning. it opens everyday from 9.00 to 17.00.

you can go around the park by your own car and also feed the animals. there are a lot of people selling the fruits, which are the animals' foods, while approaching the entrance gate. there's also a theme park inside the park.

it also facilitates a night safari. if you wanna try the night safari but you're too tired to go back to jakarta at that night, thus you can stay at safari garden hotel which located near to the park.

kebun raya bogor/bogor botanical gardens, bogor, west java
it's located not too far from cibubur, the suburb of jakarta - that's where my house is. it takes an hour from jakarta, unless there's no traffic jam. always remember to go earlier in the morning. it opens at 7.30 until 17.00. there's a cafe inside the garden which is dedaunan cafe. i prefer you to enter thru the main gate. next to the main gate, there's an information center where we can ask for brochure and map about interesting objects inside the garden. at this information center you also can hire a guide - imo, the advantage of having a guide is you're gonna have a more effective visit.

anyer beach, banten
it's a tourist attraction with hot swimming water, a hotel and rental of resting sheds, boats, four-wheeled motorcycles, water scooter and a banana boat. it isn't less good with the one in bali. you can reach anyer for 3.5 hours.

there are still lots of worth visited places in jakarta and its surrounding area which located in west java and banten. but maybe i will post the others in another post.

it's kinda a really long post. i hope this post would be useful for those who read it. my last advice while visiting jakarta is keep aware with the traffic jam and pay attention on your precious - there's no any safe place in this world tho.

enjoy jakarta!